Building the Indie Philanthropy Movement

The Indie Philanthropy Initiative was created by Kindle Project in 2014. Kindle Project had been a trailblazer of experimental philanthropy for over eight years. They saw a need to build a home for decentralized, daring funding alternatives that could be used by those who are working to reshape the field of philanthropy. The Indie Philanthropy Initiative became that home. After incubating the Initiative since its launch, the Indie Philanthropy Initiative spun-off from Kindle Project to become its own independent project in 2016. 

Indie Philanthropy is a movement of funders who are creatively disrupting the status quo of funding.

Indie Philanthropists are looking closely not just at WHAT gets funded, but also WHO makes decisions and HOW funding is done. We care about philanthropic culture–and want the WAY we give to mirror the healthier world we seek.

On the growing edges of the field, many of us are funding innovation that is often overlooked by mainstream funders. These risk-takers are shifting our culture, our institutions and our planet toward bold, vibrant solutions. To drive experimentation, we are embracing unconventional tools to support hard-to-reach emerging visionaries and welcoming ‘failure’ as part of learning.

The Indie Philanthropy Initiative is a network and a home for this movement. We tell the stories of the philanthropists that are pushing the boundaries. We synthesize the lessons from these stories in order to share tools that can be used by people who want to learn how to join the movement.

In order to continue drawing people into the Indie Philanthropy movement we need more time and we need more resources. That’s where you come in! A donation to the Indie Philanthropy Initiative goes a long way. It will allow us to continue the work of mobilizing philanthropists to redistribute wealth in creative and subversive ways to those at the forefront of movements for change. Join us and join the movement by donating today.

The impact of your dollars will be exponential - the money we raise for Indie Philanthropy will ultimately lead to more funding for creative, outside-the-box strategies to support the many communities facing injustice around the world today.

With your support we’ll be able to guide tremendous amounts of resources to those who need it. We’ll effectively do this by:

  • Reaching hundreds of emerging Indie Philanthropists through our workshops and trainings
  • Expanding our inspiration hub with 15 new stories of Indie Philanthropists on our site
  • Completing our storytelling and philanthropy curriculums in order to help foundations and philanthropy practitioners tap into what matters to them most and communicate in a compelling way
  • Launching a learning community for philanthropy practitioners ready to dive into the experiment of giving in new ways that match their values
  • Doubling our core partners to create a unified movement of Indie Philanthropists working to disrupt the status quo

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